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About NHQ

NutritionHQOn January 1st 2015 NutritionHQ. was born but the journey actually started over 20 years ago. I have been very passionate about nutrition and supplements since the early 90’s while serving in the Air Force. I remember seeing a picture of myself and how overweight I had unconsciously become. After seeing that picture I purchased a book about nutrition and supplements. Within six months I had lost over 50 pounds! I was hooked on helping people lose weight, gain muscle and live a healthier life. I started training and writing diet plans for friends and family members and realized this was my true passion.

After leaving the Air Force in 1995, I moved to New Jersey and worked at a gym selling memberships and personal training. In 1998 I moved back to Missouri to be closer to my son and start my first nutrition store. I scraped together everything I had and begged my Mom and Dad to cosign a loan. I opened my first franchise store in February of 2000. I worked that store open to close every day for over five months. I had to learn every moving part of the business plus I couldn’t afford to hire an employee. In 2003 I started to gain some traction, the business was growing and it was time to expand. I started buying other franchise stores that were failing and quickly turning them around to become successful stores. In 2009 I started to notice a change in the products. My customers weren’t seeing the same results as they had before. Unfortunately my franchise contract dictated what products I had to carry. I felt like I was being forced to sell something I didn’t believe in. I sold my stores in 2010 in hopes of finding a franchise concept that cared about the customer as much as I did. I worked as a consultant for a few months with a new franchise concept. In 2011 I bought into the new franchise concept to finally change the way people thought about Nutrition stores. Quickly I learned the franchise concept was not the answer and I was growing more and more frustrated every day. I wanted to provide the best products for my customers and my hands were tied.

On May 27th 2014 I left my latest and LAST franchisor to take care of my biggest asset..You! My passion and my teams’ passion is to comb through all the nutrition companies and put the best products on the shelf to meet your needs. We provide effective weight loss products, the most cutting edge sports nutrition lines, best Multivitamins, and minerals. We will be your Headquarters for Nutrition.

From the second you walk in our stores, you will be greeted by a personable consultant that genuinely cares about your goal. We believe in building relationships with our customers. We do this by following up to make sure you’re happy with your products and getting the results you wanted. We also send weekly emails with Training Tips, Motivational Quotes and Healthy Recipes. We are “Solution Focused” and we will do everything in our power to help you reach your goals.

Ricky Hall