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NutritionHQ. Your source for the best supplements!

  • 13 Mistakes You Could Be Making at the Gym

    There are many things that you may be doing on accident that you really need to change in your workout schedule to get to your goals faster.

    1. Not Warming Up/Stretching

    Your muscles need to warm up before you hit the gym really hard. They need to be warmed up to both stretch and contract fully, so without a warm up you are making less progress in your workout. You can also suffer from strains, pulls and injuries. Simply increase your muscle’s temperature by walking a few minutes on a treadmill or doing one set of reps on the machines at a low weight. A few simple stretching exercises will also loosen your muscles before you start your strength training. Continue reading

  • What Happens to Your Body When You Start Working Out?

    Working out makes you hot and sweaty and increases your heart rate, but most people don’t realize all the other changes your body goes through.

    Brain Functions

    Your brain gains great benefits with the increased blood flow from working out. Your brain cells immediately start functioning at a higher level to give you a feeling of being more alert and awake while working out and a feeling of more focus after the workout. Regular workouts turn some genes off or on to protect you from Alzheimer’s, strokes, Parkinson’s Disease and helps you to ward off a decline in your body due to aging. Exercise triggers endorphin's to give you a feeling of well-being which is sometimes called a “runner’s high.” You also will experience an increase in serotonin, which helps as a mood stabilizer and reduces depression. Continue reading

  • Get The Most Out of Your Workout By Boosting Your Metabolism

    When you are training and watching your nutrition along with doing workouts, you can actually make mistakes that will slow your metabolism and make it necessary to workout more to keep up your health program.

    You can actually boost your metabolism to get more from your health routine and keep your six-pack in shape without worrying about everything you eat or if you skip a day at the gym. Continue reading

  • Making Smoothies Can Help Skyrocket Your Weight Loss Program

    Many “liquid diets” on the market are pre-made drinks and smoothies and are a key ingredient to quick weight loss. Have you ever wondered why liquids help to loose weight?

    Make Your Own Smoothies

    When you make your own smoothies, you can add any ingredients that you love into it. Fruit smoothies taste fantastic and you can add seasonal fruits to them for the freshest breakfast choice ever. In addition to tasting great, a smoothie is packed with vitamins and fiber for good nutrition. Continue reading

  • Why It’s Crucial To Find A Balance Between Protein & Carbohydrates

    It is important to understand the correlation between protein, carbohydrates and fats in order to be health conscious. Proteins act in your body to both build and repair tissues. They also help your body to fight off infections. The excess of lean proteins in your body is utilized as an energy source.

    The main energy source in your body is derived from carbohydrates as simple or complex carbs. Simple carbohydrates include fruits, milk products and vegetables as well as sugar, honey, syrup and sweet foods that use a sweetener ingredient in them. Complex carbs are in cereal, pasts, beans, rice, breads and starchy vegetables. In addition complex carbohydrates contain healthy fiber when it is in a plant form such as vegetables, seeds, beans, whole grains and nuts to help lower cholesterol and keep blood sugar in check. Continue reading

  • What Are The Five Types of Vegetarian Diets?

    Many people are turning to vegetarian diets for weight loss and gaining a healthy body without processed foods. There are five main types of vegetarian diets from which to choose.

    What are the Five Types of Vegetarian Diets?

    When you are deciding to eliminate meat from your diet and become a vegetarian, you have several choices that all depend on how much you are willing to give up, as some diets eliminate other food groups as well. Some vegetarians start with one less restrictive weight loss program and then transition to a stricter plan.

    Continue reading

  • 10 Minute HITT Workout For Abs & 10 HITT Workouts To Do At Home

    HITT workouts are High-Intensity Intervals to get the most of a workout in the least time possible. It has fat torching abilities to enhance muscle tone and is a quality calorie burning exercise. The multi-plane movements tone and define all of your abdominals muscles in a short 10-minute workout. Continue reading

  • Which Popular Diet Is Best For You? Explanation of Top 5 Diets Today

    The world of institution and health is an ever-changing item with new diets for weight loss appearing often. If you are looking for a healthy eating plan to lose weight and gain lean muscle, you can choose which one is best for you.

    Some of the most popular diets are classed as “fad diets” that don’t stay around very long until they are replaced by another one. On the other hand, there are several meal plans for weight loss that have had great results. The diet explanations will help you choose the perfect one for you.

    Continue reading

  • Collection of Easy Paleo Diet Recipes

    The Paleo diet and nutrition plan for weight loss includes lean meats, fresh vegetables, seafood, fresh fruits, nuts, seeds and healthy oils. This gives you a huge variety of dishes that you can make easily with loads of flavor.

    Try some of these easy Paleo weight loss recipes to eat your way to a healthy body. Continue reading

  • 5 Beginner & 3 Killer CrossFit Workouts For You

    CrossFit is one of the most adaptable exercise programs for shedding fat, gaining lean muscle mass and keeping all types of people healthy and moving. It is based on combinations of different exercises according to your fitness level. When you are a beginner, your CrossFit workouts should be challenging while still obtainable for you to reach your goals. You can always find a more demanding workout of the day (WOD) to increase your fitness level as you learn and lose weight. CrossFit WOD’s are named so as you repeat them, you will know which one you are doing.

    Continue reading

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