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NutritionHQ. Your source for the best supplements!

  • Unique Exercises to Build Your Glutes

    The biggest and strongest muscle in your body should be your glutes. A strong butt is attractive, but it is also needed to have strong muscles in that area to keep your body stabilized to help you to avoid injuries in all of your daily activities.

    Everyone likes a nice looking butt, but your glutes also are integral to the overall health of your body and they help you to perform more exercises at a higher level. These exercises are not for the faint at heart, but are rather for advanced workouts. Continue reading

  • Looking Bigger with V Taper Training

    A body builder’s best comment is when you call him a V, as in V-taper. This is when your shoulders look massive and then you taper down to a narrow waist in a look that tells all that you are a seasoned lifter. You have to train several muscle groups to achieve this distinctive appearance and work on getting a super tight midsection. You may have to go on a strict diet and do a lot of cardio if you have a lot of body fat around your waist.

    Make these changes to your existing workouts to give you the illusion of being a lot bigger than you actually are. Continue reading

  • Benefits of Drinking Pre- and Post-Workout Protein Shakes

    Protein shakes are hard-working boosts to fitness programs, even for those who are not bodybuilders!

    Doing a workout on an empty (or full, for that matter) stomach isn't recommended by trainers, nutritionists, or healthcare staffers. Even if the exercises are light, as in walking or light jogging, everyone should ahead of workouts at least have some water along with a small amount of easily digestible foods, such as a slice of toast, a banana or half of a plain bagel, to provide the necessary energy. Some research indicates consuming this type of energy source 30 minutes prior to exercising maximizes the benefits it provides to bodies.

    Continue reading

  • Why Women Also Should Lift Heavy Weights

    One of the top-of-mind considerations for how to incorporate helpful weights into female fitness programs is to determine the definition of "heavy" weights in the case of women.

    An industry standard to help establish this aspect is for women to pick up a series of free weights with one hand until finding the heaviest one that can still be picked up and used to execute a move. Once the heaviest one that can be lifted is identified, women can choose a weight for the actual repetitions that is approximately 60 percent to 70 percent of the weight of the heaviest one.

    Continue reading

  • Key Strategies for Mature Lifters

    Strength training is not a young person’s game, but rather a way of life to build and maintain muscle strength and mass to boost your quality of life. Studies over the years have always shown that lean muscle mass leads to a longer lifespan and is a much better indicator of health than Body Mass Index (BMI).

    The most important changes for a mature person include your starting point and your pace of progression, other than that, your training should be the same as when you were young. Continue reading

  • Should You Eat Before You Workout?

    Most industry sources agree wholeheartedly that eating a small portion of the right food choices is an appropriate step to take prior to working out, especially so you have some energy for the workout itself. We typically recommend consuming an item full of protein for pre-workout, then eating something with complex carbs to replenish your glycogen store levels after the workout.

    One simple approach would be yogurt mixed with cottage cheese a couple hours before exercising, and whole wheat pasta afterward. This meal obviously is not advised for anyone with known dairy food challenges because it could lead to discomfort and cramps.

    Continue reading

  • How to Get Stronger with Breath Control

    Breathing is a simple process in which you inhale to draw air into your lungs and then exhale to expel the air from your lungs. It’s an automatic function that we have to do to stay alive, but we rarely think about it, as it comes to us naturally. We do have control over how we breathe and when we want to control our breathing patterns. How you use this control in your workouts can have a great impact on your performance in the gym. Continue reading

  • 13 Mistakes You Could Be Making at the Gym

    There are many things that you may be doing on accident that you really need to change in your workout schedule to get to your goals faster.

    1. Not Warming Up/Stretching

    Your muscles need to warm up before you hit the gym really hard. They need to be warmed up to both stretch and contract fully, so without a warm up you are making less progress in your workout. You can also suffer from strains, pulls and injuries. Simply increase your muscle’s temperature by walking a few minutes on a treadmill or doing one set of reps on the machines at a low weight. A few simple stretching exercises will also loosen your muscles before you start your strength training. Continue reading

  • What Happens to Your Body When You Start Working Out?

    Working out makes you hot and sweaty and increases your heart rate, but most people don’t realize all the other changes your body goes through.

    Brain Functions

    Your brain gains great benefits with the increased blood flow from working out. Your brain cells immediately start functioning at a higher level to give you a feeling of being more alert and awake while working out and a feeling of more focus after the workout. Regular workouts turn some genes off or on to protect you from Alzheimer’s, strokes, Parkinson’s Disease and helps you to ward off a decline in your body due to aging. Exercise triggers endorphin's to give you a feeling of well-being which is sometimes called a “runner’s high.” You also will experience an increase in serotonin, which helps as a mood stabilizer and reduces depression. Continue reading

  • Get The Most Out of Your Workout By Boosting Your Metabolism

    When you are training and watching your nutrition along with doing workouts, you can actually make mistakes that will slow your metabolism and make it necessary to workout more to keep up your health program.

    You can actually boost your metabolism to get more from your health routine and keep your six-pack in shape without worrying about everything you eat or if you skip a day at the gym. Continue reading

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