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Dava - Evansville, IN

Hey Andy, I met you this morning when I was in. Since August, using supplements from your company, life-style changes, better food, and daily workouts, I have lost (as checked in today) 68 lbs. My blood pressure is now 116/65, and my energy level is fantastic. You mentioned before/after photos. I don't have any full-body shots from before, as I tended to avoid mirrors and cameras. However, I've attached a side-by-side pic that shows a shot of me one week before I started my "diet" (August 2014) and one I took two days ago. Together, they are the closest I have of my actual start to current. (I was at the Disney museum with nieces/nephews, so please excuse the Minnie Mouse drawing in front of me.) Thanks to all of your supportive and encouraging staff. Dava

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