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Kevin J

Basically my story began in the summer of 2013. Its the best season to be alive; summer concerts, pickup basketball, and late nights with no worries. I took a picture with a couple good friends of mine at a concert, and I was just shocked at how terrible I looked. On that day I decided to quit soda. About a month later I started classes at Ball State, where my roommate and I decided to start going to the gym. When I first stepped on the scale it read out a whopping 370 pounds. I was in shock, I hadn't had soda in a month, so I always wonder what I was before I quit that. But from that day forward, I have dedicated my time to the grind. The first year was all lifting, no diet restrictions really... I drank protein and stuff like that but I ate whenever I wanted when I wanted. Then when new years hit this year, I decided to begin my journey of Clean Eating. When I started the clean eating process I was 315, now today (Mar 23) I am weighing in at 280 lbs. Obviously I still have a lot of work to go, but I am proud to share my progress so far. NutirtionHQ. helped me take my workouts and diet to the next level, thus making me a lifetime customer. Kevin J

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