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Lisa M

In June 2013 I tore my ACL playing soccer. I had the false idea that I could still do what I used to when I was fit. After having complete reconstructive surgery, I struggled to get through physical therapy. The inability to be able to move my own body was a wake-up call. I realized I needed to lose weight and start living a healthier lifestyle. I have struggled for many years with emotional eating, low energy, and a low metabolism. I enlisted the help of NutritionHQ and a personal trainer.

The assistance I have received from NutritionHQ staff has been very important. Their knowledge about products, suggestions for exercise, and amazing kindness has brought me back time and time again. I have used different products including Lady Lean, Lipo Blast, Diamonic Cutz, Tone Complex, and Ultra Trim. I had great assistance in choosing which products to try. The staff at NutritionHQ have always been willing to listen and help me. It is with their assistance as well as the support of my trainer, husband, and family that I have made the successful change to a healthier lifestyle.

Alongside using products from NutritionHQ I began watching what I ate and exercising. Weight loss has been slow but steady. I have had many plateau's and at times my weight went up instead of down. however, I went from having difficulty going up the stairs to running my first 5K*. I have now completed my first half marathon. I have lost 4 shirt sizes and 4 pants sizes. My total weight-loss is 65 pounds*. Above all, I enjoy feeling confident again. I also enjoy simple things such as fitting into the movie seats, being able to squeeze into a crowded elevator, and being able to wear a swimsuit again. While I have made a large improvement, I still have a little way to go before I reach my goal but I am continuing to strive for it.

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