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How To Lose BMI Quickly But Safely For Surgery

It’s kinda of a catch 22 when you need to have a knee or hip replacement and you are already overweight. If you were to have the surgery while being overweight, it will make your recovery much more difficult due to the excess of stress on your new joints. It is also hard to lose weight ahead of time to have the surgery you need so badly, because your affected joints are in pain and it makes it hard to lose weight.

The gold standard of weight is your BMI. It is a common measurement to decide if you are at an appropriate weight for your height, or if you are overweight. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention report that a healthy BMI is between 18.5 and 24.9, while any reading between 25 and 29.9 is overweight and over 30 is considered obese. To reduce your BMI quickly, it takes some determination and the use of a healthy diet and exercise. The best rule of thumb to a healthy weight loss that will not slow your metabolism or compromise your health in any manner is to shoot for a loss of 1 to 2 pounds per week.

BMI Lowering Diet

The first and most obvious step is to reduce the amount of calories you consume on a daily basis. When you eat more food than your body actually needs, you are contributing to weight gain, which results in a higher BMI. Don’t go on a crazy strict diet to lower calories too much or it will slow down your metabolism and actually prevent weight loss. Women should eat 1,200 calories per day and men should consume 1,500 calories per day.

Remove all the processed foods and sugar from your food. These items have no real nutritional value and they can add weight to your waistline even if you stick to the correct amount of calories per day.

Eat whole, fresh foods such as lean proteins, low fat dairy products, fresh fruits and vegetables and whole grains.

Foods to Avoid

Many foods that are processed may appear that they are a healthy choice, when in fact, they are not.

Bacon is high in saturated fat and salts. These items are linked to a high BMI and obesity as well as heart disease. It is best to avoid bacon altogether.

Granola bars sound healthy with lots of grains in them. They are also loaded with added sugar that digests quickly and doesn’t curb your appetite for very long. They have a high simple carbohydrate count and many items that are nearly unpronounable and should be avoided.

Ramen noodles are a choice of college students because they are inexpensive and quick to prepare. One package of Ramen contains about 2,000 milligrams of salt, which is 500 mg more than your entire daily intake should be of sodium. It is also full of simple carbohydrates and it provides hardly any nutritional support whatsoever. It also contains a lot of fat, which can increase your waistline.

Dried fruits are healthy right? No, not really. Although dried fruits are a better option than candy because they offer you some fiber, vitamins and minerals, they are super high in calories and give you that euphoric sugar high only to make you crash later. Dried fruits definitely can make you gain weight just as trail mix does.

Flavored nuts taste great and it’s no wonder. They are packed with extra sugar and salt in the flavorings such as honey roasted or maple, soy sauce or even toffee flavoring. These options can lead to weight gain, high blood pressure and diabetes.

Fruit snacks sound healthy enough. However, they are an enemy to your waistline and your teeth as well. They are full of high fructose corn syrup and cane sugar and they actually only contain about one drop of actual fruit in them.

Microwave popcorn is an unhealthy option of a food choice when trying to get in shape. The extra butter adds lots of fat to your diet, which can actually increase your weight, rather than help as a weight loss plan.

Your best choices are fresh foods, rather than packaged foods that can be full of preservatives. Choose brown items over white items. A white item, such as rice is a processed food, whereas brown rice or wild rice is all natural and not processed for much better health. In your bread choices, choose wheat or partial wheat breads that are brown and contain whole grains over white bread. You can even switch out any of your regular pasta for wheat pasta for a much healthier option.

BMI Lowering Exercise Guides

To lower your BMI through exercise, you need to engage in some sort of activity for 60 minutes per day and five days a week with two days of rest. Doing aerobics for 60 minutes will get you to a loss of your BMI quickly, however, if you are new to an exercise program start off slowly and work up to 30 minutes first, and then increase your exercise sessions to 60 minutes.

Do resistance training two times a week. Resistance training with bands helps to build muscle which in turn helps you to burn more fat and it speeds up your metabolism for a win win situation. Do resistance training on the major muscle groups such as your arms, legs, glutes, abs, and back.

Increase you daily activity by taking the stairs instead of the elevator, when possible. Park farther away from work or in a mall parking lot to increase the amount of steps you take each day. This may not seem like much in the way of exercise, but it can greatly help you to lose BMI before surgery.

Other Considerations

Consider adding a protein supplement to your daily intake, such as Whey Optima. It’s a great tasting protein shake that gives you loads of energy to get through your exercise routine. Protein also is needed to build muscle and lose fat and in addition it keeps your food cravings under control. If you add a dietary supplement such as CFI, you may be greatly surprised as how quickly you drop the extra weight that you need. It functions with an all day appetite suppressant and fat burner to really bump up your game.

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