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Indiana University and Downtown Bloomington

NHQ your nutritional and supplement store is proud to reside in Bloomington Indiana is known for being a beautiful town with a friendly culture. We believe in getting involved within the communities where our store reside. In Bloomington Indiana we are involved with many different organizations and events.

  • Campus Access CardBloomingtonHabitat for HumanityBloomington Commerce participate with the
  • Habitat for Humanity of Bloomington Indiana
  • We proudly accept the Campus Access Card here at Nutrition HQ.

Indiana Universityfront of storeIndiana Hoosiers are proud to be located in Bloomington Indiana. The Indiana University is located on a beautiful campus here in Bloomington Indiana with 110,000 students at eight campuses in the state and more than 570,000 living graduates worldwide -- was founded at Bloomington, Ind., in 1820. IU has the third-largest alumni base in the nation.

Here at Bloomington Nutritional Head Quarters we are excited to be aligned with some exceptional Gym facilities like , Iron Pit, Indiana Fitness, Premier Fitness, Planet Fitness, SRSC, Hyper, w3st/east Ymcas. We work with these gyms on a regular basis providing informational seminars on health and nutrition.

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Also we are proud to be aligned with several athletes and ambassadors in the Sports and fitness community:

Devin Moore

Devin Moore

Jerry Davis

Jerry Davis

Ryan Stanton

Ryan Stanton


NHQ Bloomington IN
601 N College Suite 4
Bloomington, IN 47401



NHQ Bloomington Staff

Zach Roth - Manager

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