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El Diablo Density

El Diablo Density


Quick Overview

El Diablo Density is a non-stimulant cutter, formulated with natural testosterone boosters to increase lean mass and energy. Density is designed to stack with any fat burners during cutting cycles or with any mass gainer for lean, dry results. For optimal results stack with any of the El Diablo product series.

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    El Diablo Density

    NHQ El Diablo Density is a non-stimulant cutter with natural testosterone boosters for great increases in lean mass and energy levels. It is designed to stack with other El Diablo products for fat burning during cutting cycles or with a mass gainer for lean, dry results.

    Density Muscle Repair Complex: 250 mg

    Spanish Pellitory- it is a plant, the root is used to treat arthritis and improve digestion of this product. It stimulates nerve endings

    Banaba Extract- is a species of crepe myrtle tree native to the Philippines and Southeast Asia. The leaves are used to make medicine and help with weight loss by lowering blood glucose and making the body use insulin more efficiently.

    Astragalus Roots-is a plant in the legume family, the roots are made into medicine to act as an anti-inflammatory, boost the immune system, protect your cardiovascular system, is an immune booster and disease fighter.

    Density Testosterone Enhancer: 250 mg

    Stinging Nettle Extract-a plant that has the properties to have antioxidant, antimicrobial astringent and analgesic capabilities. It treats joint pain from strenuous workouts

    5a hydroxyl-laxogenin- synthetically extracted from a plant. Is a powerful muscle building and fat burning ingredient, it contains brassinosteroids to promote growth and vitality for excellent muscle building It leads to lean muscle mass growth, overall fat loss and improvements in sports performance.

    Muscle Absorption Complex: 250 mg

    6,7 DHB,- is a furanocoumarin found in grapefruit juice that prevents the oxidation of other supplements to increase their effects. This product actually makes prohormones more effective so you get more out of them

    Zinc-is an essential trace mineral that the body needs in small amounts to be healthy. It boosts the immune system, treats the common cold and recurrent ear infections and prevents lower respiratory infections. Is used for male infertility and weak bones as well as it improves athletic performance and gives you a great increase in strength. Zinc is needed for growth of your body and maintenance too. It aids in immune functions, wound healing, thryroid function and blood clotting. It is found in seafood, meats, dairy products, legumes, nuts and whole grains.

    Piprine (black pepper extract) this helps in weight management support by having thermogenic properties and increasing the body’s basal metabolic rate to help you maintain a healthy weight. It also increases the bioavailability of the other ingredients in this complex.

    Servings per bottle: 60

    Serving size: 1 capsule

    Additional Information

    Serving Size 1
    Servings per Container 60
    Ingredients N/A
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