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How To Break Through A Weight Loss Plateau

How to Break Through a Weight Loss Plateau, weight loss tips ILLINOIS, weight loss tips Indiana

The weight loss plateau. Is there anything more frustrating? You work hard, eat right, start to see some progress, your clothes are fitting better…and then your weight loss completely stalls.

Resistance Training Reduces Risk Of Type 2 Diabetes

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The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reports that one in ten Americans have diabetes. For those 10% of diabetic Americans, finding ways to effectively manage their diabetes is a daily exercise. The CDC recommends the following strategies: Drinking more water; Eating a healthy diet rich in fruits and vegetables; Reducing sugar intake; Getting eight hours […]

What You Need to Know About a Franchise Disclosure Document

After a challenging, pandemic-filled fourteen months, the health and fitness industry is gearing up for a return to normal. A return to normal in which people are looking to lose their COVID-19. A return to normal in which beach-filled holidays, high school reunions, and large weddings become a reality again. A return to normal in […]

Your Guide to Fitness Trackers

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Wearable technology is an amazing development, one that gives individuals the ability to seamlessly monitor a host of health-related data, including heart rate, blood pressure, distance travelled, and calories burned. One of the more popular applications of this technology is fitness trackers, with Fitbit, Garmin, Whoop, and Apple Watch leading the charge. A fitness tracker […]

The Benefits of Getting Your Teens to the Gym

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The lazy teenager trope has been overdone in pop culture. In reality though, the youth and teen years are the best time to instill lifelong healthy lifestyle habits that will stick well beyond high school graduation. Physical activity is essential, and exercise is especially important for teenagers who are gaining weight, height, and strength.

How to Start Your Own Fitness Franchise

How to Start Your Own Fitness Franchise, fitness gym, fitness gym Mishawaka

Fitness franchises are hot this year, as people are beginning to get back in shape after coming out of quarantine. There is a lot that you must do beyond simply applying for a business license. Here’s what you need to know to start your own gym.

What Is Keto and Why Should I Care?

Keto Diet, Ketogenic Diet, Keto Meal, Ketogenic Meal

A diet that was once considered useful to help reduce seizures in epileptic patients is now growing in popularity among mainstream health and fitness circles. And for good reason.

6 Tips for When You Join A New Gym

finance Franchise

You’ve just signed up for a gym membership. Now what? It’s important to understand the equipment, the gym’s policies, and your own needs. Here are six tips to help you get into the groove of your workout after joining a new gym. One: Set Your Goal It’s important to have a goal in mind when […]

5 Common Ways to Finance a Franchise

finance Franchise

Now that you’ve decided you want the freedom and success of owning a fitness franchise, you must determine which financing method is best for your situation. It’s important to understand the difference between franchise business opportunities and independent businesses.

5 Tips for Winter Hiking

winter hiking

  Hiking during the summer months can be a relaxing activity that is both fun and beneficial to your health. But you don’t need to stop hiking just because the snow starts falling. Even if you aren’t big in the cold winter months, you can still enjoy the advantages of long-distance hiking. If you’re getting […]

Supplements to Help Lose Weight

When you are trying to lose weight, it’s important to focus both on diet and exercise. In order to lose weight in a healthy way, you need to eat nutritious foods and watch your overall intake of calories. You can add nutrition supplements to help you fight cravings, cut calories, tone and sculpt your muscles, […]

2021: The Year to Get Your Health Back


2020 had everyone sitting on their couches, binge-watching Netflix, and eating take-out. The pandemic increased stress and anxiety levels and caused many people to lose sleep, adding to our health problems. A new global study shows that people around the world gained weight through stress-eating and a more sedentary lifestyle due to stay-at-home orders. Obese […]

The Best Franchises to Own in 2021

health and fitness

As the country rebounds from the recession caused by COVID-19, people are scrambling to take advantage of investing opportunities. Investing in a franchise is a smart move as long as you know which areas offer the best options for long-term passive income. Why Own A Franchise Business? Most people want to work for themselves and […]