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Cobra 6P  Black Stone Labs

Cobra 6P Black Stone Labs

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Intense Energy, Fat Burner

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    Each serving of Cobra-6 includes a product we are extremely excited about called 6-Paradol, a pungent aromatic ketone also found in ginger. 6-Paradol is easily one of the most effective thermogenic ingredients available. New clinical trials being conducted in Europe have suggested that the weight loss benefits of 6-Paradol were found to significantly increase energy expenditure and loss of brown adipose tissue making it one of the top researched products for anti-fat by scientists today.

    Gives you intense energy and poisons fat

    Cobra 6 will restore your faith in fat burners that actually work and don’t contain harmful ingredients such as ephedra and Ma Huang. Since these products were banned in 2004 by The Federal Food and Drug Administration, Blackstone Labs has come to the rescue with the best fat burner on the market today.

    Cobra-6 is the most efficient and strongest fat burning supplement ever created that you don’t need a prescription for, although it works just as well as pharmaceuticals. You will have much better workouts with an increase of energy and focus and can operate on fewer calories, with fewer cravings and the peace of mind that your body is actually burning fat 24 hours a day—even in your sleep.

    Each serving of Cobra-6 includes 6-Paradol, a pungent aromatic ketone that is naturally occurring in ginger. It is easily one of the most effective of the thermogenic ingredients available to humans. Clinical trials in England show that the weight loss benefits of this product significantly increase energy expenditure and loss of brown adipose tissue making it the most researched product for anti-fat by scientists.

    Other Ingredients

    Also included in Cobra-6 is 3,3 diiodothyronine, which is known as T2 in the bodybuilding world. It is very similar to the thyroid activator T3, but it doesn’t have the same bad side effects. As soon as you take a serving of Cobra-6, the T2 is broken down and converted by your body to T3. Since your body naturally transforms it, you won’t need to worry about permanent thyroid shutdown. It has all of the benefits and none of these side effects.

    Capsaicin is in each capsule of Cobra-6. Capsaicin is a popular ingredient in fat burners because it increases body temperature and speeds up your metabolic rate so you burn more calories. Capsaicin is found by scientists to lessen the effects of dietary fat through intake in foods while it up regulates some genes and down regulates others to buffer the fats in your body.

    Theobromine is naturally occurring in chocolate. It is a mild stimulant but it is excellent at improving sensitivity to insulin. You can actually use this product and get the benefits of chocolate without the calories.

    Achyranthes aspera is a newer fat burning ingredient that is gathering popularity in the supplement industry. It has been proven to reduce blood glucose levels and stimulate the production of thyroid hormone to be effective at combating fat while also promoting weight loss at the same time. It is also a greatly effective appetite suppressant.

    There is a moderate amount of caffeine products in Cobra-6 in the form of a CNS stimulator that triggers fat cells to break down and reduce fat by releasing it in the increased output of ephinephrine. It supports your metabolic rate and promotes appetite control as well as athletic performance.

    Cobra-6 is made for men and women. You should take only one capsule per day to start and then after a few days, take the recommended dosage of two capsules per day.

    Additional Information

    Serving Size 1 Capsule
    Servings per Container 60
    Ingredients Caffeine Anhydrous, Achyranthes Aspera, Theobromine, Capsaicin, 6-Paradol, 3,3'-Diiodothyronine
    Brand Blackstone Labs

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