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After a challenging, pandemic-filled fourteen months, the health and fitness industry is gearing up for a return to normal. A return to normal in which people are looking to lose their COVID-19. A return to normal in which beach-filled holidays, high school reunions, and large weddings become a reality again. A return to normal in which Americans have a heightened appreciation of the importance of a healthy and active lifestyle. This return to normal presents a fantastic opportunity for those in the health and fitness industry.

NutritionHQ is one such organization well-positioned to capitalize on this opportunity. NutritionHQ takes a customized relationship approach to working with their customers in order to achieve their health and fitness goals. Our mandate goes beyond simply selling supplements and offering a fitness location; rather we take a ‘solutions-focused’ approach to ensuring our customers are getting the best products and service for their individual needs, and we make a point of regular follow up to ensure forward progress is being made.

This personalized and unique approach along with the general forecasted growth for the health and fitness industry have made NutritionHQ an in-demand franchisee prospect for those wanting to get in on the growth. For those who are considering exploring any franchise opportunity, the Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) is a critical piece of legal documentation. Here we explore the FDD in greater detail.

What is included in an FDD?

The FDD gives potential buyers a clear picture of the franchisee/franchisor relationship and the particulars of what is contractually included as part of the agreement. This includes specifying the types and levels of support the franchisor is obligated to provide as part of the contract, things like marketing and advertising support, training, or assistance with securing an appropriate location. The FDD will also spell out, with full transparency, details around fees, any ongoing royalties, and start-up costs.

The FDD must be issued to the prospective franchisee at least two weeks prior to the signing of the agreement or any monetary exchange. This ensures that the franchisee has sufficient time to undertake proper due diligence in reviewing the FDD terms. Furthermore, the FDD must be updated and issued on at least an annual basis for the duration of the agreement.

Key sections of the FDD

Investopedia outlines 23 sections that are required by federal law in any FDD, including these critical pieces:


Access to 20+ years of franchising experience and a low investment threshold are just two of the reasons the NutritionHQ franchise opportunity is well-worth exploring. Further details on NutritionHQ franchise opportunities are available for request here.



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