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How to Break Through a Weight Loss Plateau, weight loss tips ILLINOIS, weight loss tips Indiana

The weight loss plateau. Is there anything more frustrating? You work hard, eat right, start to see some progress, your clothes are fitting better…and then your weight loss completely stalls.

Weight loss plateaus are common, which doesn’t make them any less discouraging. The exact reasons why plateaus occur is still up for debate in the medical community. Theories include a slowdown of the metabolism and an adaptation to weight loss on the part of the body.

On the plus side though, there are proven strategies for breaking through the plateau and getting back to that place of progress. Here, we share four such strategies.

Step Up The Exercise

Shaking things up with your workout routine might be just what’s needed to bust through that plateau. Increasing either the frequency or the intensity (or both) of your workout can lead to noticeable changes. Engaging in 300 minutes of physical activity per week, as opposed to the usual 150-minute recommendation, could be a game-changer. Even just finding ways to add more activity into your day-to-day routine (biking instead of driving, taking the stairs instead of the elevator) can make a lasting impact.

Increase A Couple Of Things

Not getting enough sleep can be a true barrier to weight loss, so make sure you are clocking in at seven plus hours per night.

And while you’re at it, make sure you are hitting your daily water quota. The rule of thumb is to consume six to eight 8 oz glasses per day. Coffee (due to its metabolism-boosting caffeine) and green tea (due to fat-boosting EGCG antioxidant) may also support weight loss efforts.

Protein is a good friend to those looking to lose weight. Why is that?

Pass the Greek yogurt!

How to Break Through a Weight Loss Plateau, weight loss tips ILLINOIS, weight loss tips Indiana

And Decrease A Couple Of Things

Alcohol is a weight loss saboteur. Not only are alcoholic drinks calorie-laden, but one drink often leads to more and may lower inhibitions, which can lead to poor food choices. It’s safe to say that alcohol is a contributing factor in many impromptu midnight pizza orders.

Carbs are another item you might consider cutting to combat weight loss plateauing. In the short-term, as you work to get over the plateau, reducing your carb intake is a strategy that can help get you to your goal weight.

Explore Supplements

There are a ton of vitamins and supplements on the market, and some are better designed to help with weight loss than others. The team at NHQ is a fantastic resource for cutting through the supplement noise and understanding which ones can best assist with your weight loss goals.

NHQ understands weight loss plateaus, and as part of their commitment to helping you become your best self, they are here to help. Contact NHQ today and see how they can help you break through that discouraging plateau.

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